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As A Former Federal Criminal Prosecutor For The Northern District Of Texas
I Never Lost A Trial Or An Appeal.


Federal Crimes, Drug Trafficking, Criminal Appeals,

Securities Fraud  & Healthcare Fraud

My Experience With State Charges Include Domestic Violence, DUI or DWI, Sexual Offenses, Assault And Homicide. 


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​As A Federal Criminal Prosecutor For The Northern District Of

Texas I Have Never Lost A Trial Or An Appeal.

“If you have been charged with a crime in Texas and are facing serious jail time, you need someone who will provide you with honest answers and personal service and who will fight for results that are in the best interest of you and your family. My 20+ years experience as a lawyer, including service as a federal prosecutor and a state special prosecutor, make me uniquely qualified to assess both sides of a Texas state or federal criminal defense case and to be a trusted advocate for those in need of a strong criminal defense.”

There are Many Stories Like Yours 


Northern District of Texas (Fort Worth).
Upon arrival in the US Mr. Helms’ client, a Mexican national, had been arrested at DFW airport after he was sent to secondary screening.  Agents found what they believed to be child pornography on his cell phone.  Mr. Helms immediately met with the prosecutor and provided evidence that the photos were of the client’s son sent by the mother to show that the child’s daycare facility was not properly treating a medical condition called phimosis, which affects the foreskin of the penis.  The next day the prosecutor dismissed all charges, and the client was able to return home.


State District Court (Dallas County).
Mr. Helms’ client was accused of sexually molesting his niece-by-marriage on multiple occasions.  At trial, Mr. Helms used photographic evidence, demonstrative diagrams, and a detailed comparison of the alleged victim’s video interview with her trial testimony to defend his client.  The jury found Mr. Helms’ client not guilty, and he was able to return home to his wife and children.   


​Dallas County.
The Dallas Police arrested Mr. Helms’ client for domestic violence.  Mr. Helms put together a package of materials for the grand jury that included a sworn statement by a neighbor from the apartment next door showing that Mr. Helms’ client had not, in fact, assaulted his common-law wife and that he was defending himself.  The grand jury voted not to charge the client, so the case ended and never went to court.

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Federal And State Drug Cases

Federal Crimes

Sex Crimes


​Theft And Crimes Of Fraud And Deceit


​Violent Crimes
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About John Helms

Top Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney John Helms


Hello, my name is John Helms I have been a criminal justice trial attorney for more than 20 years. As a federal criminal prosecutor for the Northern District of Texas, I never lost a trial or an appeal.

If you are reading this message, it means that you or someone you love has been charged, or soon will be facing charges, for a criminal offense in the state of Texas. Because of my background prosecuting criminal cases against defendants who were facing serious jail time in Federal and State penitentiaries, I am uniquely positioned to evaluate and assess both sides of a criminal defense case.

My experience with federal crimes includes drug trafficking, criminal appeals, securities fraud, and healthcare fraud, and my experience with state charges include domestic violence, DUI or DWI, sexual offenses, assault, and homicide. I have even helped clients facing overlapping civil and criminal issues, which can include securities fraud, trade secrets, computer crimes, and internal corporate investigations. This diverse experience helps me anticipate the prosecution’s strategies and tactics assuring my clients achieve the best possible outcome.

I have been recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly Magazine and have been included on the list of Best Lawyers in Dallas in D Magazine.

I have also represented some of the country’s largest corporations, including Microsoft, Bank of America, ACE Cash Express, and Philip Morris.

If you are facing charges under the criminal justice code and you are in potential jeopardy of losing your freedom then call me so that I can evaluate your case giving you the ability to make an informed decision that will help you navigate the complex and complicated American criminal justice system.

Here Are More Stories Like Yours 

​Federal Criminal Defense Cases

​Jury trial of a Dallas police officer accused of false arrest and lying.
Northern District of Texas (Dallas). In a highly publicized case, our firm represented a Dallas Police officer accused of lying about the arrests of persons on drug charges when the substances ended up being almost entirely pool chalk.  During his cross-examinations, Mr. Helms forced the confidential informants, who worked with his police officer client, to admit that they had set up the accused drug dealers and had fooled Mr. Helms’ client.  A two-week jury trial resulted in a complete acquittal on all charges.

​Defendant has sentence reduced in a real estate transaction fraud case.

​Northern District of Texas (Dallas).
Mr. Helms’ client pleaded guilty to creating fraudulent documents for residential real estate transactions. The Probation Officer calculated the Federal Sentencing Guideline range at more than seven years imprisonment.  Mr. Helms’ objections to the Sentencing Guideline calculation and his request for a downward departure based on the lack of any actual financial loss resulted in a two-year sentence.

​Reduced sentencing in an illegal reentry case after defendant was deported.

Northern District of Texas (Fort Worth).
The firm’s client pleaded guilty to illegal reentry into the United States after having been deported.  The judge remarked that because Mr. Helms’ presentation of witnesses and his argument at the sentencing hearing were so persuasive he was sentencing the defendant to significantly less than what he had originally planned, based on his prior discussions with the probation officer assigned to evaluate the case.

​Successful jury trial were accused allegedly pointed and fired a gun in a deadly conduct case

State District Court (Hunt County).
The firm’s client was accused of felony deadly conduct for allegedly shooting a gun at electrical workers behind her house.  Mr. Helms used maps, diagrams, photos, and videos of the property to show that his client could not have shot at the electrical workers, despite their testimony that they could hear bullets whizzing by them and hitting trees and leaves nearby.  The jury found the client not guilty on all counts.  

​Successful plea negotiation of a defendant in an attempted rape case.

State District Court (Hill County).
While on deferred adjudication probation for a previous incident Mr. Helms’ client was accused of attempted rape of a motel employee.  At the beginning of the case, the district attorney told Mr. Helms that probation was completely out of the question, and he offered a plea bargain of eight years in prison.  After the firm’s thorough investigation exposed significant holes in the case, Mr. Helms successfully negotiated a plea agreement for probation for his client, who was able to avoid the possibility of getting a lengthy prison sentence at trial.

​Appeal of a verdict for defendants found guilty of bribing a judge.  

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (highest criminal court in Texas).
The firm represented a husband and wife on appeal after they had been found guilty at trial of bribing a judge in Collin County.  Through a detailed analysis of the Texas bribery law, Mr. Helms was able to show that the wrong section of the bribery law had been charged and that the evidence at trial could not support a conviction for the section that had actually been charged. Texas’ highest criminal court reversed the convictions of both clients and ordered them acquitted of all charges.  Texas Lawyer Magazine named Mr. Helms “Appellate Lawyer of the Week” for the State of Texas for his work on the case.      


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